Birds Property Marketing is leading the way for a new breed of residential property sales and lettings agencies.  Rather than the "old-school" way of selling properties from a high street shop with display boards in the window, Birds Property Marketing is taking a different approach.

Understanding that the way people buy properties has changed significantly over the past few years is fundamental to the way that we market your home.  Going back a few years most people looking to buy a property would do a Saturday morning trudging around all of the estate agents offices in town and registering their details.  Most agents would then thrust a great pile of details at them in the hope that one of them would be of interest. But now things are different......

In 2010, the vast majority of people looking for property initially search major property websites like Rightmove, they then enquire about specific properties.  Others simply drive round an area they want to live in and call the agents who have a board outside any house they see that looks interesting.

Combining bespoke Contact Management systems, text back services from unique codes on every board, prominent internet advertising and email marketing systems, Birds Property Management is the agent for the 21st Century. 

Aside from all of the technology it is worth also pointing out that behind it all are two experienced property professionals with over 20 years experience in property sales, property portfolio management, residential lettings, building project management and refurbishments coupled with a deep understanding of online marketing and property presentation.